Optimize Your Site for the World Cup

World CupThis month marks the beginning of the World Cup, something soccer fans have been waiting for since 2010. The anticipation of the Cup makes it a big deal to fans around the world. During the World Cup, hundreds of millions of fans will be searching for, reading and watching the tournament online. What does this mean for you? It means it’s time to optimize your site for all this traffic.

Soccer is loved the world over, but you might be surprised to learn that even the US gets excited about soccer during the World Cup.  In fact, in 2010 ESPN announced one of the games (US v Algeria) set a new record for people watching a live sporting event on the web. This is huge!

Think about what you might search for during the World Cup: competing teams, game scores, all things Brazil, ideas for hosting a game party, etc. If you don’t have a sports-based website, this post still pertains to you. Is your website about cooking? Why not mention some easy recipes for hosts of games.

Do you have a website about technology? Talk about all of the technology that has gone into getting ready for the tournament in Brazil. Coupon website? Let your readers know where they can get coupons to anything related to the World Cup. Whatever your website, you can relate a post to the World Cup to bring in some of the intense traffic that is already starting to flow.

Google trends for World Cup 2010








Don’t forget about social media! You should be promoting your website and blogs on social media anyway, so for these World Cup posts make sure to add a hashtag. Some examples of already trending hashtags are #worldcup, #worldcup2014, #brazil2014, #fifaworldcup2014… the list goes on.

And finally, you’re going to want all of your Infolinks products turned on to maximize your efforts. InFold, Infolinks’ latest product, is especially designed to bring in search traffic and more. InFold analyzes user intent based on search terms, content, and user behavior.

Let the World Cup fun begin! See what fun facts Infolinks will be churning out during the World Cup on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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