Driven by powerful technology, our products provide effective advertising solutions in real-time



Smart ads that target user intent and achieve higher engagement


It takes us only milliseconds
to analyze content and deliver relevant ads


Ad units that improve engagement
and increase performance

Our various products

Search & display, above the fold

This clever ad unit takes advantage of the power of search and
display, delivering ads on a wider scale of traffic. InFold appears
in a unique location right above the fold.


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Infolinks InFold

Viewability Perfection

InTop performs brilliantly across all device types. This ad unit resides above the masthead with its distinct presence and remains viewable as the user scrolls through relevant content.


Real-Time Intent Targeting leveraging search and contextual triggers ensures users only see the ad when their current actions confirm it’s the right message at the right time.


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User-initiated expanding ad

Highly viewable ad which opens once a user engages with the page content.

Serves various ad formats including video and native in order to boost unit engagement and revenue.


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Display ads with an edge

Provides a solution for unused real estate on wide screens. These attractive display banners present relevant and perfectly timed ads, that appear alongside your content.


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Smart Interstitials

InScreen serves highly viewable, dynamic ads leveraging a mix of search and contextual real-time intent triggers.


Across both desktop and mobile, InScreen maximizes user interaction with 7%+ CTR on all devices.


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Native and highly effective

Works by scanning a page’s content in real-time to deliver relevant ads. The ads are neatly presented within a page’s text, delivering effective results.


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