Infolinks’ InFold – Raising the Bar

Infolinks recently launched its latest product, InFold. While InSearch capitalized search traffic only, InFold now analyzes user intent based on search terms, content, and user behavior – increasing the potential and revenue of the unit significantly. InFold’s power derives from its ability to do all this in real-time. This allows InFold to serve attention-grabbing, non-intrusive ads targeted to what users are doing in that moment.

Initial tests with Internet Brands saw an increase of about 2.5 times in revenue and 180% eCPMs.  InFold, now available to all Infolinks publishers, was originally beta tested by Infolinks Labs* with fantastic results. The new ad unit has an increased CTR of 12.5% over that of InSearch, globally. General revenue has risen for our publishers by a whopping 20%. And more specifically, clicks per page view have increased by 15%.


Because InFold is based on real-time intent it’s able to deliver these big results. Delivering ads relevant to what users are searching for in the here and now makes the ads that much more interesting and significant. Infolinks’ smart algorithm scans content and selects the best, most relevant ads. In the case of secure search where search engines don’t share keywords, InFold excels. InFold has the knowledge to predict user intent in places where “keyword not available” appears, allowing ads to stay relevant even when facing an obstacle.

With 100% viewability, InFold appears just above the fold. Its position on the page and its clean look engages users without intruding on a page’s existing content or layout. The qualities of InFold are consistent with Infolinks’ continual goal to discover how modern consumers view online content, and using those insights to develop ad units that break through banner blindness.

InFold and banner blindnessAn eye-tracking heat map showing the existence of banner blindness

*Are you interested in becoming an early adapter of new Infolinks products and services? Contact the Infolinks Labs at and help us shape the next generation of advertising!

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