Your Feedback Wanted

Our blog is devoted to updating you about awesome new features and products that will further increase your revenue and provide you a better user experience. We often receive valuable feedback from you. We appreciate it all and thoughtfully consider each piece of advice that you share. Now we want to turn up the volume on your microphone and give you a platform to share with us some of your great new ideas!

Who else knows what you really need or want than you? So we want to put you in the driver’s seat – email us your brilliant new ideas for Infolinks. Keeping our publishers happy is our main goal, so like any good relationship, we’re all ears!

Simply email us at your inspiring new feature, product, platform, etc. and we will go over each new proposal very carefully. The person who sends us the most innovative (and conceivable) idea will win $200 and we will actually implement this fantastic new idea! We will share the winner and their brilliant brainstorm with our whole Infolinks Fan Page.

It’s time to get on your thinking caps and start brainstorming your ideal Infolinks features. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter as well, so that we can hear all of your voices.

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Help invent the new Infolinks feature and win $200 @InfolinksInc  #InfolinksNewFeature

We not only hear you, we are truly listening!