Related Tags Success Winner

Sometimes a small tweak can make a big difference…and the related tags proved it big time on your websites. Thousands of publishers took advantage of this new feature and enjoyed a significant increase in their earnings. We want to thank you for taking part in the “Related Tags Success” promotion and for sharing your experience with us. It’s great to know that the Infolinks family of publishers is such a supportive community. We learned a lot from your feedback and were inspired to develop new features.

And the winner is…

We received many great reviews but the one that really stands out was posted by BlogginJunction. The bloggingJunction review covered the Related Tags feature in details, made a cool demo to demonstrate it, ranked every aspect of it and even used the graphs from our Metrics study. Congratulations for winning a brand new Kindle Wi-Fi and we hope you’ll enjoy reading with it as much as we enjoyed reading your blog.

Those of you who haven’t tried Related Tags yet, this is the time to give it a try!

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