Infolinks Dream On

Exciting news, as part of our general effort to make you, our valued publishers happy we’re launching the Infolinks Dream On contest.  As part of this contest, a few lucky Infolinks publishers will get the chance to live out their wildest dream.  That’s right; we’re making your dreams come true!

Entering is simple, all you need to do is write a post on your website, blog or on a forum and answer the below 2 questions:

1. What about Infolinks makes you happy? It could be the friendly and helpful email that you received today from Jamie M in support; that you doubled your Adsense earnings; or that you suggested something on Facebook and it’s now a feature Whatever it is about Infolinks that makes you happy, let us know!

2. What can Infolinks do to make you happy, really happy? Don’t be shy about this one folks, we want you to be creative and think outside the box.  Has it always been your dream to visit the Caribbean? Do you want a real professional design your website? Do you have a favorite charity that needs some help?  Have you always wanted to drive a fast car, a really fast one, like a Lamborghini? Let your imagination run wild!

And dream on – we may just make you happy, really, really happy…

Once you’ve posted send an email to and inform us of your participation.  You’ll want to act fast because submissions need to be received ASAP. The Infolinks team will review the submissions and choose the winners based upon the most interesting, fun and thoughtful dreams.   Then, the best part, we’ll make the dreams come true.  Good luck!