10 Days Left to the Infolinks Challenge

So the Infolinks Challenge is coming to an end soon, and the $6,500 in total prizes are still waiting for you!

We want to thank those who have already submitted their video and encourage the rest of you who had a good idea, but were too lazy to take action, to create a winning entry.

The contest will end on August 21st at midnight and we are going to announce the winners by the end of the month.

You can learn more about the challenge on our first post and contact us at www.infolinks.com with further questions.

To give some exposure to the talented filmmakers, we are posting some more recently submitted videos.

If you have better ideas, you have just 10 days to submit them!!!

[youtube huUAf5TbfxI]

[youtube 8rvbdfVc4uM]

[youtube S7JEeRJaw2A]

[youtube lt-K_8TMh-0]

Good Luck!