The Tech Year in Review 2013

Top Tech Stories 2013From the new Humingbird and iOS updates to the rise of Snapchat and the Microsoft and Nokia merger, 2013 was an action packed year in the tech world. So as the month of December draws to end, we here at Infolinks just wanted to recap some the biggest stories of year and make sure that all of you are up to date. And also, a glimpse who and what will shape the digital world in 2014.

The Top Tech Stories of 2013:

Google Hummingbird:

Called by some “the death of SEO”, Google rocked the web when it announced its big Hummingbird algorithm change that affected more than 90% of all worldwide searches. Hummingbird does not work on the number of times that a particular phrase is repeated on a page, but on a quality scale related to content in the past. This can also be seen in the changes in importance of the quality of links: If once it was all about the number of links on your site, now it much more a question of quality and relevance of links.

iOS 7 and the new iPhones

2013 was a big year for Apple: In addition to rolling out two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and lower-cost 5C, Apple also debuted the iPad Air, a thinner, sleeker model. Add to that the much talked about iOS 7 operating system launch, which has been installed on more than 500 million devices to date (74% of all Apple mobile devices), and you can understand how the tech giant has ended Coca-Cola’s 13-year run as the world’s most valuable brand.

Microsoft buys Nokia:

Software giant Microsoft saved the struggling Swedish ex-super power Nokia this year by snapping up most of its mobile division and licensing its large patent portfolio for about $7.2 billion. The companies first entered a partnership in 2011 when Nokia used the Windows Phone operating system as its primary smartphone strategy. The Windows Phone had a solid year, too; Instagram and Vine finally arrived on its platform. Its fast-growing market share hit No. 2 in Latin America and other parts of the world.


Love it or hate it, Snapchat, the picture and video messaging app that deletes content after just a few seconds might be used at times for not the most god like actions — but the company is booming. It reportedly turned down in recent month both a $3 billion offer from Facebook and possibly a $4 billion one from Google. Snapchat processes about 400 million pictures each day and is a mainstay on the top app downloads charts, especially on the younger age demographic.

 What to Expect in the Tech World for 2014?

Google Glass:

The buzz around high-tech eyewear Google Glass — a product not officially on the market yet — kept the search giant on the tips of everyone’s tongues in 2013. This is part of an overall “wearable tech” craze that is one of the hottest tech trends around and likely to be a significant category in its own right in 2014.

3D Printing:

The world of desktop 3D printing is rapidly expanding and new companies and printer models are emerging daily. Most 3D printers are currently used for building prototypes for the medical, aerospace, engineering and automotive industries, but these machines are becoming smaller and cheaper – putting them within reach of consumers for the first time.

These are just a couple of the stories that made 2013. Tune in to our blog in the upcoming weeks for more 2013 recap stories and information about what to expect in the upcoming year. Want to stay up to date with everything new in the digital marketing world? Be sure to follow Infolinks on Facebook and Twitter