Say what? How to deal with naysayers

The Infolinks BlogWe’ve all been there. You write a great post – you come up with a new topic, you do your research, edit your work, post and give yourself a pat on the back. Job well done! So why are people commenting negatively and giving you such a hard time? Naysayers are everywhere and no matter how hard you work, you’re going to run into them. Stay positive and read on for the best ways to deal.

Unfortunately, cyber-bullying is an easy way for haters to get their message across without ever having to show their faces. It’s easy for these people to create fake accounts on many social media platforms and have their way of fun. But never fear, there are several ways to combat the haters and the naysayers, from the simply negative comments all the way down to the bullies themselves.

Remember the honey:

Unhappy poster? Keep that old saying in the back of your head, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Apologize and tell them you’ll do what you can to work it out. Act fast so that others don’t have time to see the bad review and add their comment as well. Responding quickly also shows the online world that you’re listening and you care.

Think about what they said objectively:

Cutting out the harsh words, is there any truth to the statement? Anything you can learn from what they said? Take a deep breath (or step away from the computer and come back when you’re calmer) and respond as kindly and as reasonably as possible. If it was a complaint, speak to the complaint, not the negativity. If it was an attack on your writing or the post’s content, speak to that in a gentle tone. Don’t feed the beast!

Make sure it’s worth your time:

Not every negative comment is worth your well-thought-out response. Some people are simply looking to get a rise out of you. If the commenter doesn’t have a following and isn’t making a scene (as in posting once a day or more), your best defense mechanism may be to ignore the comment.

Focus on the good:

The naysayers on your blog or your social media outlets shouldn’t be the majority, so focus on your positive feedback and the commenters that appreciate your work. Keep your main audience happy by responding quickly and not getting distracted by the negativity others try to bring you down with.

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