Boost Your Earnings in One Click

You want to boost your site earnings, right? Let us spoil you with an extremely easy way to do it. The Infolinks Related Tags is a proven way to improve earnings by up to 30% – but now you can add them to your website automatically in one click. All you need to do is to: login to your account > click the red “New” button at the top navigation bar > click the “Yes” checkbox and within 10 minutes, the Auto Related Tags unit will be added to all of your websites instantly.

In one click only, the Auto Related Tags will be placed after the main content areas on your web page to keep the best user experience for your readers. The Auto Related Tag feature is highly recommended for publishers who have already added the Related tags manually and want to further optimize them, as well as to new publishers who want to give it a try.

This feature uses the Infolinks smart algorithm to find the best keywords on your site and displays them as informational tags within a cloud on your website’s content.  The Related Tags function is similar to our standard In Text ads, when a visitor hovers over the tags, an Infolinks ad bubble appears, and when they click on the ad you get paid.

But, wait…we have another cool surprise for you… among the people who add the Auto Related Tags by the end of June, we will randomly pick 30 publishers to win a copy of the new In-Text Ad guidebook, “The Hidden Treasure in Your Website”! So go on and join the party – click the “Yes” checkbox now, and boost your In-Text revenues right away!