Infolinks and YouSayToo Partnering Up

Here at Infolinks, we make it a regular practice to expand our horizons by joining forces with other great online companies in order to spread the strength of our In-Text ads across the worldwide web. This week we have a very special announcement for you about another great pairing that is a sweet deal for all those involved. Infolinks In-Text Ads Network is now joining forces with YouSayToo.

YouSayToo is a monetizing platform/community of bloggers where publishers can centralize all of their blogs; no matter what platform they are using (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.) Now this community of over 37,000 members will enjoy the power of the leading In-Text ad provider (that’s us!) We turn your words into money and now YouSayToo is offering its publishers the option to automatically enable Infolinks In-Text ads, as well as our Related Tags, Tag Cloud and Search Widget.

YouSayToo’s primary mission is to help boost its community’s following and revenue. Bloggers in the YouSayToo community have the option to earn Infolinks revenue for themselves, or donate it to their favorite charity. So the power of Infolinks In-Text ads can also be used to raise money for many charitable causes. Everybody wins with such a sweet pairing!