GetTraffic, The New App for Wix

GetTraffic by InfolinksWe interrupt the Better Blogger Challenge to share some exciting news! Infolinks teamed up with Wix and their new Business Management App program to bring a fresh app, GetTraffic. GetTraffic is Infolinks’ brand new Wix app that brings Wix website owners all over the world the opportunity to expand their audiences quickly and efficiently.

What is GetTraffic?

GetTraffic is an app that helps Wix publishers promote their site through Infolinks’ smart advertising platform. It allows Wix publishers to create and customize simple ad campaigns that increase traffic in 3 simple steps.  In order to create a campaign, Wix publishers simply need to:

  • Define their target audience
  • Choose their website category
  • Customize their ad

That’s it! With this great app, Wix websites will be introduced to new clients and relevant prospects. The campaign is promoted with Infolink’s ads to reach engaged users at a competitive price.

GetTraffic the simplest marketing solution ever created.

Now you know how awesome GetTraffic is, but Who is

As one of the biggest website building platforms in the world, with over 37 million users, Wix enables its users to easily create beautiful websites, all without having to learn design or code. The new Business Management App aims to offer business tools to its users with the same user-friendliness and no-coding of its earlier model.

Are you a Wix user? Check out our GetTraffic app and watch your traffic grow!