Movie Time

It’s fall time, and this romantic season of the year always makes us want to go to the movies. So we decided to treat our great Facebook fan community with some movie tickets in your hometown cinema.

We are happy to announce October as the Infolinks Movie Month. Every week will be dedicated to another film category such as romantic, fiction, cartoon, etc. This week is the Action Movie Week – all you need to do is to be an Infolinks Facebook fan and comment on our Facebook page with your favorite Hollywood action movie of all times (e.g. Terminator). The comment which will receive the most “likes” will win two tickets and the biggest popcorn bucket available in their hometown Cinema!

Simple as that! Just go on and comment with the best action feature you’ve ever watched. If the community will really like your choice, we’ll send you on a double date to watch a movie and to munch popcorn in your hometown cinema!!!  Winner will be announced on the 12th!

12-18/10  is the Animation Movie Week – Just comment on our facebook page with your favorite Animation movie of all times. The person with the most “likes” on their comment will win 2 movie tickets and a huge bucket of popcorn in their hometown cinema!

19– 25/10 is the Romantic Movie Week – just comment on our Facebook page with your favorite romantic movie of all times and let us send you on a date night at the movies.

26 – 31/10  is the Horrror Movie Week – Go on and comment on our Facebook page with your favorite scary movie of all times and watch out behind you on your free movie night!