Happy New Website Scavenger Hunt

Before we unveil the second challenge for our series of Happy New Website promotions, we must announce the winners of the Facebook Testimonial Challenge.  Congratulations to Ramesh Kumar, with a whopping 321 “likes”, who will be featured on the testimonial page of our new site, with a link back to his website and win a brand new Xbox Kinnect!

Also, big congrats to Dennis Weiss, Dan Ball and Mela Bignotia Obar who posted such great testimonials that we couldn’t resist sharing them as well.  We decided that they will also be published on our new website with links back to their sites.  Finally, we must thank all of our amazing fans who showed us so much love!  We appreciate all of the kind words.

Now it’s time to unveil our second challenge – the Infolinks Scavenger Hunt!  This cyberspace treasure-hunt will lead you to the brand new logo for our Happy New Website.  To participate, you must follow our leads and scour the web to find hints on different Infolinks’ social media platforms. This challenge makes you somewhat of an “internet detective” finding clues and carefully following directions in order to get to the treasure – the reveal of the new Infolinks logo!

Be sure to stay tuned to Infolinks for the next two weeks so you don’t miss any clues!  The first one will be posted to our Facebook Fan page on Monday the 13th!  The first three scavenger hunt “detectives” who arrive at the final reveal of the logo will win an Infolinks T-shirt with the brand new Infolinks logo.