And the Winners Are…

There are so many ways to make money online, and as you all know, Infolinks is a smarter one. Thanks again to all of you who put so much time and effort into showing us your ideas about making money online.

Yesterday Infolinks’ employees held an open election, where each of us voted for the top three videos. As the winners were announced, you could cut the tension with the knife, but finally the results we’ve all been waiting for are in.

And the winners are…..

The $5,000 Grand Prize goes to Tom Herman for his video –  “Double Click”

[youtube 5j3asxesXkI]

The $1,000 First Prize goes to Andy Anderson for his video – “SnoCones”

[youtube r7WJvsbCWFo]

The $500 Second Prize goes to Mike Jones for his video  –  “O SKool Style”

[youtube n6FMZWXrUXg]

Because the videos were so good and so different in their style, we couldn’t pick just three.

So we decided to add three more special prizes: “Most Artistic” and “Best Produced.”

The winners in these categories will be awarded $500 each!

The $500 Prize for the “Most Artistic” video goes to:

Lindsay Barrasse for her video –  “Lindsay Boo”

[youtube DbfctYOjCG8]

The $500 Prize for the “Best Produced” video goes to:

Justin Spence for his video –“Blog cowboy”

[youtube TDR1n4H3K3c]

But the Challenge is not over yet…

We are happy to announce the next part of the Infolinks Challenge – “The Popularity Contest”.

The top ten videos, all listed in this post, will now compete for popularity.

The video that gets the most views on Youtube will win an additional prize of  $1,000*.

Here are the other five videos that made it to the top ten. We invite you to vote for your favorite one – All you need to do is view it, and send it to others who you think will like it.

The end date for this Popularity Challenge is October 1st.

[youtube i2tYnUrikm4]

[youtube lFxGjqFuFfk]

[youtube jfCH5jvNWfM]

[youtube lamEm_nESYA]

[youtube DMqp1526JP8]

* To qualify for this prize, a video must receive at least 10,000 views on YouTube.