Site of the Month: The Thrifty Couple

Infolinks Website of the MonthWith the current economic state, it’s motivating to see people succeed at putting their money to good use. The Thrifty Couple was able to pay off a large debt fairly quickly and decided to share their success story by opening a website with do-it-yourself tips, financial tips, kitchen tips, sales and more. While their financial advice can help you save money, the story of how they built their website can help you with your site or blog.

As they began their life together, Alex and Cassie found themselves spiraling down into a mass of debt. Turning things around and paying off their debt, the couple, based in the Rocky Mountain Northwest, decided to pay it forward and create a website to help other families do the same. Seven years later their site has 500,000 visitors per month.

The thrifty couple

How did you find your way into the publishing world?

Our website, The Thrifty Couple, was founded because we were continually asked by family members and friends how we paid off our $100K in consumer debt in just a few short years. A dear friend – a blogger herself – encouraged us to publish and share our story and tips with others online with the goal of being a resource and encouragement to others. Just a short time later our site was born.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Hearing from our readers how much of a blessing and help our site has been for them. Hearing from newly married readers that our story has totally transformed their lives and woke them up to the path they were heading down in debt. Knowing that our site is making a difference in peoples’ lives is definitely our favorite part of our work.

Where do you see your site in 5 years?

We hope to reach even more people with the message we are sharing via other avenues including a number of books and other resources. As we mention on our site, our content reflects where we are in our lives as well, so we hope that we can share even more financial information, additional Do-It-Yourself tips, and numerous resources that we just haven’t had time to share yet.

To what do you attribute your site’s success?

Primarily we give God all the credit for His blessing of our lives and subsequently our site,  The Thrifty Couple. Secondarily we believe that passion for what we do, diligence to work even through the difficult times, and good ol’ hard work to persist through the thousands of hours it has taken to get where we are today.

Infolinks Website of the Month

What tips can you give people thinking of entering the publishing world?

Find a subject you are passionate about and that you wake up in the morning wanting to share – and then plan to work diligently and persistently to get that message to more people through marketing, social media and more!

What are your “dos and don’ts” for people thinking of starting a website?

First – just do it.  We have known some that have planned every minute detail of their site, their design and even their content to only have overwhelmed themselves with the process and never get their site off the ground.  Install WordPress.  Start writing.  And get to it!

Second, don’t focus on money or numbers for several months.  And even then, don’t make money/numbers your driving force for what you do.

Infolinks Website of the Month

What is your overall experience with Infolinks?

We love Infolinks – we really do!  A friend initially recommended a similar site to Infolinks but we quickly found out the payout was much less, the integration was difficult, and there was little/no customer service.  We quickly switched to Infolinks and received quick answers to our questions and a much better payout.  Infolinks has just become better as time has gone on with their integration with Google for even better contextual ad implementation.

How are we different than other networks? Why did you choose Infolinks?

As we just mentioned, Infolinks has a better payout and better customer service.  And just knowing of the Google integration for better contextual ads gives us an even higher confidence that we are receiving the best payout in the industry.  Thanks Infolinks!

Think your site is interesting as The Thrifty Couple?

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