How blogging impacts buyer persona & buyer’s journey

We all are noticing the way new business tactics are transforming the traditional methods. While on one side, client interaction and better service have become an invincible need, on the other buyers look for products and services which approach them in a distinct way.

When was the last time you asked yourself:

Are makes your business unique?

The term ‘unique’ is often misunderstood by many entrepreneurs.

Well, it isn’t about being entirely different with the product/service. It’s about the way you present in front of your target audience. One such way is Business Blogging.

Blogging is no longer a modus operandi just to optimize the SEO results, but it has evolved and has made an unmatched space in marketing and promotion of product/service.

This is why you need to personalize your business blog, keeping in mind your buyer persona and their journey.


What are Buyer persona and buyer’s journey?

Buyer Persona: You can call buyer persona as a fictional and generalized representation of your prospective customers. A buyer persona is often referred as marketing persona also. It helps you in marketing, sales, services, and products. All you do is internalizing the ideal customer you aim to attract and relate the same to attract your physical audience.

An understanding buyer persona is important for your blogging not only to relate, interact, and acknowledge them, but also to retain them.

Buyer’s Journey: In simple words, a buyer’s journey can be called as the different phases a buyer goes through before buying a product/service. The three buyer stages are:

  • Awareness: Here buyer gets aware about the problem that he has or might probably have in coming days.
  • Consideration: At this stage, the buyer is aware of the problem and is looking for possible solutions to it.
  • Decision Stage: The buyer chooses a solution.

How blogging impacts your buyer persona and his journey

Let us accept the fact that it is tough for you to interact with buyers at various points. To sustain in today’s competitive market, it is vital that you stay connected with them in a healthy manner so as to establish a bond of love and trust with them.

It isn’t just about retaining, the first question needs to be ‘Acquiring the clients’. When we talk about buyer persona and his journey, we are trying to acquire a client. With the help of blogging, you won’t just be able to bring your company top in the list of search engine and attract the potential users to your website, but you’d also be able to gain their trust.

Blogging is a way to share and communicate your knowledge base and simultaneously introduce your product/service to them. The medium enables you to empower your client base and bring the best of your organization in front of them. This is the primary reason why enterprises and startups have today started using blogging as an invincible part of their marketing strategy.

Buyer persona and buyer’s journey

In the last few years, we have noticed a massive competition in healthcare, Logistics, Education, and Retail industries. Also, these are the one where it’s quite tough to think about the prospects of blogging. Let’s learn more about the difficulties and the solutions:

  1. Healthcare Industry


The industry is getting a new tech-treat with every passing day. This includes the launch of health apps, wearables, fitness trackers etc. The users while on one hand are excited with this fast growing industry, on the other side they are trying best to unleash the benefits that they can have.


Despite the continuously growing growth chart, there are many prospective users who are not using the products and services just because they do not have the entire knowledge about them.


To overcome these and to attract them, you can try using Blogging. With the help of it, you can not only make them aware about these but also gain their trust and eventually, they’ll be your client. Follow the three phases of blogging. Make them aware of the technology and its pros and cons and the way they can utilize it to have the best experience.

  1. Logistics Industry


The industry not only has a wide market but the traffic further makes it difficult to give proper attention to clients. We all have heard about the launch of ‘Uber for Logistics’ and the following competition. Yes, mobile application development is indeed a solution but awareness in the first step. Remember?


No doubts the market is growing rapidly, but the pace has somewhere skipped the awareness part. In fact looking at the speed with which technology is getting introduced, the people are not getting acknowledged about the trends and future of the industry. Failure in this will eventually result in poor implementation and usage of technology.


Try blogging, and not only introduce yourself but also talk about the growing industry and the future of logistics industry. Talk about the latest trends in the logistics industry and share your feedback. You can also add interviews of logistics/technology giants, which will help your users to understand things better. Always remember, people won’t just be interested in your product/service, but they also need to ensure that their tasks are in smart hands.

  1. Education Industry


The way to learn and teaching has also received the blend of mobility, but it still needs the essence of information for better learning and adopting. Educational institutes are adopting new methodologies to deliver proper education to the people globally. Online courses, educational apps, etc have become very common.


The primary concern is to educate the users about the technology first. They need to know the benefits of innovation and the ways they need to use it to unleash new standards in education industry with the mobility.


With the help of proper blogging the process of imparting education can change drastically. Subsequently, your education product/service will have a larger client base which will remain with you for a longer period. Speak to your target audience and make them aware in the way they can grasp it better.

  1. Retail Industry


The FMCG market is considered as one of the largest industry. If you are the one belonging to it, you’ll surely be aware of the traffic it has. Ok, so your business is running and you don’t think you need blogging.


Have you ever thought that your competitor might have understood the benefit of blogging and is working on improving his online presence? Google is no longer a search engine but has become people’s mate. They not only search for things but trust the results it gives. You need to make your online presence noticed.


The improved online presence will eventually make him rank high, and the mobile generation of the era will subsequently they’ll trust his product and services, as he is top on the list. Optimize the search engine and deliver useful content to improve the presence. I hope this clears the reason why Blogging is so essential for your Retail business.

How blogging impacts buyer persona


The web world has enhanced opportunities for various businesses. However, the need is to hit the market in a right way. Marketing your product/service and targeting the right audience is one such endeavor. It is important that rather than hitting the bush, you target the right audience. Blogging in last few years has gained an impeccable space in the marketing strategy. Finding your buyer persona and further attracting them, is a crucial step and blogging is one way to make it easy.

All you need is to mold your blogs in a way they enrich and enhance your prospective buyer’s experience.


Author Bio

 Shahid Mansuri co-founded Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development companies, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. Being an avid nature lover, he likes to flaunt his pajamas on beach during the vacations.

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