Infolinks Site of the Month: Messi vs Ronaldo

Messi VS Ronaldo

There are several questions in the history of mankind that will forever remain unanswered:  “Is there an afterlife?”,  “What is the purpose of our lives?”,  and of course, “Who is a better: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? If like all soccer fans, you think you know the answer to last of these questions seems , this month’s Infolinks site of the month Messi VS Ronaldo is just for you.

Founded in Nottingham, UK back in 2012 by soccer fan and internet entrepreneur Stephen Greig, Messi Vs Ronaldo net averages more than 1.5 million pageviews a month, and naturally much more when there is a Super Clasico game happening between Barcelona (Messi) and Real-Madrid (Ronaldo).

Messi VS Ronaldo

Infolinks Site of the Month: Messi VS Ronaldo

How did you find your way into the publishing world?

I am a web designer and front-end developer by trade, so am often thinking of new ideas and side projects. This particular idea was brought on by a genuine personal interest and an apparent void on the web for this information.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about running Messi vs Ronaldo is “having” to watch as many Barcelona and Real Madrid games as I possibly can! I’ve also always been a fan of statistics and the rivalries they create – and this particular rivalry is producing the most outrageous numbers in the history of football.

Why Messi VS Ronaldo? What interests you so much in them?

I’ve always been a huge football fan and stats fan as mentioned previously. I love to see elite players that stand above the rest and really push the game to its limits, but our generation are lucky enough to witness two of the sport’s most elite performers of all time, who are both recording mind blowing stats with every game.

For two players to be so far ahead of the rest of the world, and at the same time so evenly matched is something really special, and something that has caught the imagination of the footballing world. Documenting such a rivalry is an absolute pleasure.



To what do you attribute the success of Messi VS Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. When they do well, the site does well – simple as that.

To give myself some credit, I’ve worked hard to add new data and features to the site over the years which has brought in more and more traffic by simply giving the user what they searched for in Google.

What tips can you give people thinking of entering the publishing world?

Firstly, pick a subject that genuinely interests you, like i did with Messi Vs Ronaldo. You will feel a lot more motivated and will take much more care and pride in your work if you actually enjoy the subject matter of your content.

Secondly, choose something that other people will find useful and/or interesting, and that they can’t already find somewhere else with ease. Finally, don’t expect success straight away.

What is your overall experience with Infolinks?

My overall experience with Infolinks has been positive. They allow you full control over what type of ads you want to display on your website and whereabouts you specifically want to display them. Revenue has also risen quite rapidly over the last couple of months, and I have never had any issues with payments.

How are we different than other networks?

What made join Infolinks was the range of ad types they offered, the control they give you over these ad types, as well as the general ease of use of their website/reports.


Finally, who do you think is better? Lionel or Cristiano?

The ultimate question. Take one look through the comments on Messi vs Ronaldo and you will see that there is no clearcut winner.

For me, they are probably the 2 greatest footballers of all time. At the moment, I think Messi has a very slight edge, but for the last year or 2, it’s been Ronaldo. And the few years before that it was probably Messi. You can see why a website comparing the two has been so successful!

To get down off the fence and stick my neck on the line, I’m going to ultimately go with Messi. I feel that he has the edge in terms of natural ability to play the beautiful game. He breaks goalscoring records every other week – if you take away his goals, he still has the most assists in La Liga history.