Banner Blindness Got You Down?

Bannerblindness.orgBanner Blindness affects both publishers and advertisers alike. Advertisers building large banner campaigns can suffer big as consumers are simply “blind” to their ads. On the other side, publishers won’t receive clicks and therefore the revenue they hoped for.  The phenomena of visitors consciously or subconsciously ignoring ads has stirred up some serious statistics. Banner ads had a click through rate (CTR) of 78% when they first appeared. Now the CTR of banner ads is .01%. It’s time to fight back., supported by Infolinks, is a repository of the research that has been done to understand the impact of Banner Blindness on the entire online environment. This is a phenomenon that impacts every region of online users. All of the latest research has been compiled along with the hottest trends to keep readers up to date easily in one website.

Here’s another shocking fact: three out of 10 ads cannot be viewed by viewers because of their placement on the website. The seemingly simple act of choosing where your ads are placed can make or break your earnings.

This brings us to one of the many ideas for solving banner blindness. Native advertising is great example of how to tie ads in with your original content and have viewers review them as they would content instead of as intrusive ads. These kinds of ads appear more and more, an example being Facebook with their Suggested Posts and Promoted Posts that appear within the user’s newsfeed.

Infolinks ads are another great example of native advertising. InSearch is delivered only to the traffic that comes via search engine and the ads are directly related to the search term used. It appears at the bottom of the page and shrinks down to a quiet one-line ad after a few seconds. Our InText ads flow with your text, highlighting keywords and delivering ads relevant to your content. With relevant ads that are directly related to your intent, your CTR can be significantly improved.

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