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How do I integrate the Infolinks script through my Ad Server?

Infolinks offers publishers an easy-to-implement Ad Server option, that should only take 5 minutes.

Place the below code in Ad Server using a 1×1 pixel or existing adhesion slot.

Replace “XXXXXXX” with the 7-digit identifier you were provided.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.top.infolinks_pid = XXXXXXX;
var _icesc = top.document.createElement(‘script’);
_icesc.type = ‘text/javascript’;
_icesc.src = ‘//resources.infolinks.com/js/infolinks_main.js’;

Set the following attributes:

• List us as Price Priority at $1.50 CPM Desktop, $0.75 Mobile
• Serve as Custom or 3P
• Flight Date: Immediately > Unlimited
• 10K Daily Impression cap per site
• Target AWAY from AMP mobile pages
• No Frequency cap UNLESS you are running a refresh, if so, please notify us • Do not insert any Macros
UN-check Safe Frame
Switch SSL compatibility to Manual / Compatible

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