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How do I integrate Infolinks into my website?

Integrating Infolinks into your website is easy and quick.

After your application is approved, you will receive a unique Infolinks script to integrate into your site’s HTML.

Copy and paste the script’s code into your website’s HTML pages right before the closing </body> HTML tag. If you currently use Google Analytics or other similar JavaScript based tools, the Infolinks JavaScript can be placed right before their code.

Infolinks also offers several plugins for an even easier integration process for some of the most well-known site building platforms. You can choose to integrate the script manually or use one of our plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal sites.

It’s that easy! Once the code has been inserted, Infolinks will automatically integrate ads into your website’s content within minutes.

Once the site is registered you will receive a confirmation email and an update regarding your application status in 2 business days.

Visit the Integrate tab in your account for more information about integration. To add other products to your website please click the Customize tab.

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