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How do I allow Infolinks’ JavaScript files in “Lazy Load” by WP Rocket?

There is a WordPress plugin called “Lazy Load” by WP Rocket that is intended to delay the loading of JavaScript files.

Unfortunately, this plugin can not distinguish between when a JavaScript file is needed and when it is not needed.

“Lazy Load” is blocking the Infolinks JavaScript file from performing as it should and is leading to a significant decrease in page impressions and lost page revenue.

Please follow the directions below to add infolinks.com” to the list of allowed URLs.

    1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
    2. On the left hand side of the dashboard click on ‘Settings.’
    3. Under the Settings option locate and click ‘WP Rocket.’
    4. Click ‘File Optimization (Optimize CSS & JS)’
    5. Scroll down to ‘Excluded JavaScript Files’ and enter the text “infolinks.com” (see screenshot)
    6. Save Changes

This screenshot will show you exactly where to add infolinks.com”

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