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Why can I see Referral earnings on my Account tab, but I haven’t been paid yet?

As an industry standard and according to our payment guidelines, your earnings need to exceed the minimum payout threshold for your selected payment method. PayPal, eCheck and ACH have a minimum payout threshold of $50 while the Bank Wire Transfer option has a minimum threshold requirement of $100 ($1000 for selected countries).

Once your monthly earnings exceed the minimum payment threshold for your chosen payment method your payment will be processed and sent to you within 45 days of the end of the month.

If your earnings are less than the threshold at the end of the month they will be carried over to the next month. You can also set your own payment threshold here to a higher amount than the minimum required to be paid less often and pay fewer fees.

If you’ve exceeded the minimum payment threshold but haven’t received your payment, please review the following:

– Your personal information is filled out and you’ve selected a payment method under Payment Settings (under the ‘Account’ tab) in your Infolinks account.

– The payment information under Payment Settings is up-to-date and accurate.

– You filled in your tax information in step 3 under Payment Settings in your account.

– That 45 days have passed since the end of the monthly payment period when you reached the minimum threshold.

Finally, please keep in mind that it may take a few business days for the payment to reach you. If you see that all the information is indeed correct and you still have not received your payment, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

For more information about the Infolinks payment method please visit our Support Center here.

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