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What is InFrame?

InFrame ads are the optimal banner solution, allowing publishers to capitalize on the extra margin space of visitors originating from wide screen monitors and only these devices. InFrame ads display as vertical banner ads on the left and right sides of your website to traffic arriving from a wide screen. This optimizes ad real estate, since typically there would be only empty, unused space in these extended margins.

Our smart algorithm discerns how wide the margins are and customizes the ad size to fit the width of the screen. The size of the ads will be determined by the amount of free space your site has and by the screen resolution of your website visitors.

The ads scroll with the user, so they’re visible at all times from anywhere on the web page. These ads only display on pages where there is enough room in the frame for the ads to appear. Don’t worry about overlap or congested web pages!

InFrame delivers ads based on your websites’ categories. So be sure to set the categories for all of the sites within your Infolinks network to ensure that you receive the most optimized ads!

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