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Why did Invalid Traffic delay my payment?

To ensure the highest level of quality for our publishers and advertisers, Infolinks monitors all traffic sources with both propriety technology and 3rd party tools.

Infolinks periodically receives (IVT) invalid or fraudulent traffic reports for which we need to further investigate. This is a rare occurrence, but we may need to extend payments from NET30 to NET60 to allow us the time for further investigation.

After a thorough review we often find that everything was acceptable. For this reason, we prefer using the extra 30 days to review, rather than restrict ad serving on your site(s) or ban an account completely. It is never our desire to negatively affect revenue or cause a domain to be blacklisted with advertisers.

Please note, this only applies if your account status is Active, that it is not a weekend, nor a bank-holiday. Accounts that are banned due to IVT are not paid. If your account is disabled due to inactivity, please check our FAQ article.

If none of the above situations apply to you then please assume everything is normal and you are on the NET30. As always, feel free to contact us at support@infolinks.com for any of your needs.

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