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How do I grow my earnings?

Advertisers are very selective about the sites they want to advertise on and the audiences they wish to reach. Infolinks is your biggest advocate to grow your earnings over time. Here is a step by step guide and understanding to how your earnings can and will grow with Infolinks:

1. Ads.txt Placement – Advertisers require this placement in order to ‘trust’ the sites they are buying ads on and who they are buying them from. Please add immediately. Learn more here.

2.The Earnings Growth Process:

Beginner Ads – When you begin with Infolinks we apply hundreds of beginner advertisers who check your ads.txt file, test your audience quality and consistency at a beginner price.

Approved Ads – Over a 21-day period Infolinks submits your site to different levels of Premium Advertisers for approval to run on your site. First, they check your ads.txt placement, next they review the site against Best Requirements listed below. As the site is approved, it gains higher rate ads and your earnings grow.

Premium Ads – After the 21-day period has passed Infolinks submits your site to the Top Tier Advertisers at top rates if the site meets the requirements and has completed the process as defined below.

3.Meeting the Best Requirements – Infolinks has built incredible trust with thousands of top well-known advertisers to present them with the right site(s) for their ads. Advertisers look for specific criteria over time to build trust in order to buy and pay top rates through Infolinks for your ad opportunities. Here is what our advertisers look for:

            Ads.txt placement – Required

Audience Quality – Advertisers target relevant and engaged audiences but are cautious about fraudulent visitors (bots) and passive audiences who quickly bounce from the site. Visitors from Social and Search is the best.

Content Quality – Advertisers like to pair their ads with quality and engaging content that does not have brand risk association.

Consistency – Advertisers recognize that an audience may need to see an ad many times over a long period of time before it is effective, therefore they require your site visits (net pageviews) and length of history to remain consistent and reliable to make an investment of buying on your site(s). If you remove your Infolinks code this will damage the process.

Approvals – Most advertisers have a current whitelist of approved sites, so for your site to be added they require submission and approval of your site(s). This process is a personal process of trust and review. It is critical to the earnings growth process.

So as you begin the journey with Infolinks, please remain patient as we grow advertiser confidence and earnings on your site. This is a short but ongoing process, so please do not remove your code or ads at any time without first alerting your support representative (you can do it here) as it will impact your progress.

We are here to help, so please reach out if you have any questions.

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