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What are AdShop ad’s tracking options?


Dynamic Macros

You can place the following macros inside the Click URL, Display URL, Title, or Description of your ad.

The macro will be dynamically replaced when the ad is displayed



 Ad ID


 Advertiser ID




 Country Code


 DMA Region




 Campaign ID


 Search Keyword


 Matched Keyword (spaces replaced with  hyphens)


 Postal/Zip Code


 Matched Query




 Source ID


All dynamic macros must be entered in {CAPITAL_LETTERS}

e.g. http://www.infolinks.com?AD_ID={AD_ID}&AID={AID}&DOMAIN={DOMAIN}&KEYWORD={KEYWORD}

 Conversion pixel

Use a conversion pixel to track how much each conversion costs you.

You can set your conversion pixel inside “Edit Ad” page under “Advanced settings”

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the snippet code for your ad at “Conversion pixel” field.
  • Set the domain where the conversion pixel will be placed inside the “Conversion domain” field.
  • Add the code to your landing page or the page you intend the ad to direct.

In order to view your conversions go to “Campaign stats” and check the conversion column to follow it.

Post-Back URL

Server-side ad tracking. URL that you can add to your ad server or if you’re affiliate to your affiliate agency’s console in the appropriate location.

Please note: You must enter your ad id instead of the parameter that been shown in your template URL.

e.g.  https://conversion.adshop.infolinks.com/conversion/S2S=1&aid=*465853*&id=*156789*

3rd party impression tracking 

You can enter HTML code (IMG tags or SCRIPT tags) for any third-party trackers you may have.

Ad will be tracked by it.

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