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How do I integrate the ads.txt file using WordPress?

In order to integrate the ads.txt please follow the instructions below:

1) Sign in to your WordPress dashboard.

2) Click the Plugins tab and “Add New”

3) Go to Search Plugins box and enter “Ads.txt Manager by 10up”

4) Press “Install Now” and then “Activate” after the plugin has been installed.

5) Hover over “Settings” on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard and click on “Ads.txt”

6) Copy all of the lines that we provided in the integration email and paste them into the text box on the “Ads.txt” screen.
The lines can also be found here: https://publishers.infolinks.com/members/new

7) Click “Save Changes.”

Feel free to contact us at adops@infolinks.com if you need assistance or have any further questions.

*Make sure to add ads.txt file to all your registered domains.

**IAB standards require that the ads.txt file be located at the root of the domain or subdomain.
(Example: yourwebsite.com/ads.txt)

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