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How do I create an ads.txt file in my website?

To create an ads.txt file use the following instructions:

1. Create this file as a text (.txt) file and host it at the root level of your domain

For example, https://example.com/ads.txt

What information goes in an ads.txt file?

Include a separate line in the file for each authorized seller. Each line in a publisher’s ads.txt list requires three pieces of data (plus a fourth optional field):

For example:

<Field #1>, <Field #2>, <Field #3>, <Field #4>

    • FIELD #1: Domain name
    • FIELD #2: Publisher’s account ID
    • FIELD #3: Account type (DIRECT/RESELLER)
    • FIELD #4 (Optional): Сertification Authority ID, if available.

2. Add the following lines to your ads.txt file:

For the most updated infolinks ads.txt entries, please visit: https://publishers.infolinks.com/members/new or contact adops@infolinks.com

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or have any further questions – adops@infolinks.com

*Make sure to add ads.txt file to all your registered domains.

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