Last But Not Least: InfolinksO on

Huffington Post Infolinks BlogExtra!  Extra!  The InfolinsO is making news, or rather making news better.  His last destination is  Although this is the final site on InfolinksO’s journey, it’s one of the most famous. The Huffington Post is a widely popular American news website and blog with a dedicated following and the InfolinksO is using his superpowers to monetize their golden content.  Congrats Ajay Kumar Meher, you guessed right.  You must have ESP!

The InfolinskO is so excited to present Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post, with this video.  Check it out:

[youtube 8SbVdeMX1Js]

(He’s very charming isn’t he?)

Now it’s time to share with Arianna the benefits of Infolinks for the Huffingtonpost.  Visit HuffingtonPost’s Fan Page and comment:  ”Huffington Post, let the InfolinksO make magic with your content!”

Then sign into your Twitter account and Tweet to Arianna:  “@ariannahuff, let the InfolinksO make magic with your content!”

It’s been a long journey, but the InfolinksO has finished his mission (for now.) On behalf of our In-Text ad hero, we would like to thank our amazing community for helping spread InfolinksO’s message across the web. You’re the best!