The InfolinksO Strikes Again-

Great guessing Muhammad Ahmed, you called it.  The InfolinksO’s next stop is in fact   Since he is a big supporter of blogs everywhere, the InfolinksO’s journey wouldn’t be complete without visiting author Darren Rowse’s ultimate blogging site. Now without further ado, here is the InfolinksO’s video to ProBlogger:

[youtube 3lbsy85YUa0]

(How could Darren say no to the InfolinksO after this video?)

What a great family of publishers you are!  All of you have been so helpful to InfolinksO so far.  So, don’t stop now!

Visit Darren’s Fan Page and comment “ProBlogger, check out the InfolinksO on your site!”

Now, hit up Twitter and publish this tweet: “@problogger, check out the InfolinksO on your site!”

So Infolinks fam, who’s next?  So far the InfolinksO has visited:, and now  What’s your guess?  Where will he strike next?  Share your prediction on our Facebook Fan Page.