Get more from Twitter

zRim1x6M_400x400Since Twitter’s inception into the world of social media, it became quite clear that no self-promoting blogger, website owner, or business could do without it. Though 280 characters may not seem like much, it’s definitely enough to get a message across to your followers and more. There are several features to Twitter that you can and should be taking advantage of. For obvious reasons, a loyal fan base on Twitter is a great thing. If your message is worthy enough, your followers will share it, landing you even more attention. Of course, the more followers you have the better. You want your message to reach as many people as possible. But having tons of followers isn’t the only way to get the most from your Twitter account. Find out what you may be missing out on.

How can you get more from Twitter?


1. Contact your new followers 

Thank your new followers for joining you on your Twitter journey. This is a great time to reach out and let them know you’re human, as well as share any ongoing promotions.

2. Use Hashtags 

These little beauties can help you organize an idea and spread information in a clearer manner. It will also help people find information on the topic faster if one or two hashtags are used for a specific topic.


3. Use Images 

Make sure to add images in your Tweets. It has been proven that Tweets with images get over 2x more engagement. Images also help to convey the message of your Tweet. 

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4. Use keywords 

Keyword targeting allows you to connect with users based on words/phrases they’ve recently Tweeted or searched for on. This allows you to connect with your audience in real-time when it is most relevant. The phrases that people search for on Twitter are indicators of what’s top-of-mind for them. Keyword targeting allows you to target your Tweets so that they show up when people are searching for topics related to your business.


5. Use positive Twitter comments as testimonials

Use positive Twitter comments about your product or website/blog as testimonials. Having potential customers read current customer feedback is a big plus, it is often times more credible than your own advertising.


6. Scope out the competition 

Monitor your followers that mention your competitors in tweets. You can follow what is being discussed and see if there is a way for you to jump in. Maybe your follower isn’t happy with your product but hadn’t mentioned anything to you yet.

7. Think globally, act locally 

Use Twitter as a way to reach out to fans who may be in the same area as you. Attending a conference? Let your followers in that area know so they can meet up with you

8. Reply publicly 

Whether someone mentions you in a positive or negative light, respond to them publicly for the rest of Twitter to see. You’ll look social and reliable. Working with Twitter is a fun and easy way to connect to the outside world. Make sure you’re not just mindlessly breezing through so you can get even more out of it.

9. Stay Organized With Twitter Lists  

Setting up Twitter lists are a great way to stay organized. Make sure to create groups with relevant users and organizations. For example, you can have a “Customer” list “Influencer” list or even a “Competitors” list. Twitter lists allow you to organize accounts into interest groups and see updates from the people you want to focus on without getting overwhelmed.




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