Write about Infolinks for double earnings!

Infolinks Video Commercial CompetitionWe are super pumped to launch our new video commercial and we want your help spreading the word. Because our publishers have such great reach all over the world, we’re counting on you to give this video a push, and we’re offering double earnings as motivation. Keep reading to learn how to participate and let the competition begin!


Our new video is so cool, we want to share it with the world.
Here, see for yourself:

How can you participate for a chance at double earnings?

1. Write a post about how Infolinks helps you monetize your content 
2. Place our new video on your post
3. Use this link when referring back to the Infolinks site
4. Let us know! Send us a link to your post via Facebook,  tag us @InfolinksInc on Twitter or email us at bloggers@infolinks.com

That’s it! We’ll share some of the best posts with our Facebook network of over 100,000 people, and feature them on our monthly newsletter. To make things even more exciting, we will also double the September earnings of the Infolinkers who write the best posts about their experience with Infolinks.

Don’t forget to follow all four steps above. And remember, we won’t be able to count you in for the competition if we don’t receive a link to your post. Best of luck Infolinkers, and thanks for helping us share our video around the world!

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*Infolinks will choose two of the best posts for double earnings. Double earnings will be for the month of September, 2014. We reserve the right to alter this competition.