What Color is Your Tag Cloud?

When we say we are always adding new features to support our publishers – we mean it!  Introducing the newest (and most colorful) addition to the Infolinks Monetizing Arsenal . . .  Infolinks’ Tag Cloud. Only one click of your mouse separates you from this fully customizable, revenue enhancing tool for your website or blog. By implementing our new Tag Cloud, you can increase your site’s earnings an additional 20% to 40%.

Implementing Tag Cloud

To add Tag Cloud to your site simply: > login to your account > click the red “New” button at the top navigation bar > select “Tag Cloud” from the top menu > click the “Yes” checkbox and within 10 minutes, Tag Cloud will be added to all of your websites instantly. You can further customize the appearance of the Tag Cloud and which sites the Tag Cloud will appear.

What is Tag Cloud?

Infolinks’ Tag Cloud uses our precise algorithm to create a colorful cloud of keywords that are relevant to your content and located within your content at the bottom of the text area. The cloud appears on your page and operates identically to our standard In-Text ads:  a simple mouse hover reveals our famous ad bubble containing top advertisements relevant to your cloud keywords. See the image below:

Our new Tag Cloud is not only a lucrative addition to your site, it is also fully customizable. This means that you can choose from our 4 different color layouts to best compliment the design of your website. Our visually appealing color schemes for Tag Cloud can easily coordinate with any website design. Simply choose between Daylight, Evening, Seashore and Crystal and find your favorite Tag Cloud color wheel.

Tag Cloud Users – Win an iPod!

If you’ve been a fan of Infolinks’ blog for any period of time, you know that we LOVE to celebrate changes and new products, and Tag cloud is no different! Simply add Infolinks’ Tag Cloud to your website, leave a comment on our Facebook Fan Page sharing the color scheme you chose to implement on it (e.g. Daylight, Evening, Seashore or Crystal) and you can be one of the three lucky winners that will be randomly chosen to win a brand new iPod Nano in either Blue, Green, Orange, Pink or Silver! Here at Infolinks we let you choose the color of not only your Tag Cloud, but also the color of your prize! How’s that for customization?