Search Widget – Your New Click Magnet

What could make the fastest growing In-Text Ads network even better? Guaranteed highest payouts in the industry – check, a new self-serving Ads Marketplacecheck, Auto-related Tags and Tag Cloud add-ons – check! But we haven’t stopped there.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Infolinks Search Widget!

Search Widget targets only visitors arriving to your website from a Search Engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.) Our new widget will appear for those visitors only, and will present them with ads related to their search. It’s a guaranteed click magnet!

How Search Widget Works

Let’s say the term “Gourmet Chocolate” is entered in a Google Search and the visitor arrives at a website empowering Infolinks Search Widget.  Then the following banner unit will appear at the bottom of the page:

Infolinks’ smart algorithm powers this new Search Widget, but because of the nature of our new “click magnet” you can expect even better results! Search Widget targets organic traffic, and delivers ads pertaining exactly to the search term that brought visitors to your website.

Implementing Search Widget

Good news! To add Infolinks Search Widget to your site requires  . . . no action and no money! Because of the extreme success of the sites testing Search Widget, this free add-on will automatically be enabled starting September 20, 2011 on all websites implementing Infolinks In-Text Ads.

If you decide to disable Search Widget from your site simply:  > login to your account > click the red “New” button at the top navigation bar > select “Search Widget” from the top menu > un-check the “Yes” checkbox and within 10 minutes, Search Widget will be removed from all of your websites instantly. If you have more than one website in your Infolinks Network, you can further customize which sites Infolinks Search Widget does appear.

Spread the Love

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