Infographic: Best Day for Clicks

Infolinks Infographic - Best Days for ClicksAll too often ad campaigns are set by advertisers with what seems like little care for timing. Planning out what days of the week ads appear is an important part of planning as the day of the week may have something to do with the number of clicks received. Infolinks studied its Q4 figures based on a sample of 1 trillion impressions from its 100K publisher network to find which day of the week is best in terms of CTR (click through rates).

The results show Monday to Saturday as typical in terms of CTR levels with most days hovering around the weekly average. The two exceptions come in peaks on Thursday and Saturday. Thursday sees a significant drop in CTR from the rest of the week at 1.9% below the weekly average. Saturday’s mean CTR shoots in the opposite direction with a 3.2% increase in CTR.

When creating campaigns, advertisers need to be aware of and consider all available data.

Infolinks Infographic - Best Days To Click