The Hidden Treasure in Your Website

the hidden treasure in your websiteWe are happy to announce the official release of the first  Professional Guide to Monetizing Your Website with In-Text Advertising: “The Hidden Treasure in your Website”. The book was written by Infolinks CMO, Tomer Treves, and is based on his professional blog Online Siesta, where he shares his experience and thoughts about online marketing, digital advertising and website monetization.

The Hidden Treasure in your Website” is the first professional guide which handles all aspects of integrating In-Text ads on your website or blog. The book takes you on a journey along the evolution of online content monetization and gives you a better understanding on In-Text advertising as an alternative advertising method. The book offers ways to help you: find the best ways to make links visually appealing; determine where to put In-Text ads and where to turn them off; choose the best In-Text ad network; understand the interrelations between In-Text ads and Google AdSense; apply In-Text ads to content in languages other than English and many more insightful tips.

The Hidden Treasure in Your Website” is a useful tool for both website owners who haven’t tried In-Text advertising before and want to learn more about this monetization solution, and active publishers who already use In-Text ads and want to get a deeper insight on how to better optimize them on their websites to improve earnings.

The book is available online at Amazon, where you can read the first chapter for free. With every book purchase you will get a generous coupon from Infolinks, which will help you boost your first In-Text advertising revenues. So go on and get yourself a copy of the book and don’t forget to add a review on Amazon. You are also welcome to write about the book in your website or blog and share with your readers how it helped you uncover the hidden treasure in Your website.