Introducing Infolinks New Publisher Center

Infolinks New Publisher Center

Please welcome our revived Publisher Center, upgrading the user experience of all Infolinkers everywhere! We have redesigned and revamped our back office, where you sign-in to customize your ad platforms, update your payment info, receive important Infolinks notifications and more. We make it our priority to always improve and introduce new features for your Infolinks experience to be as positive as possible.

What Different in the New Publisher Center?

Once you login to your Infolinks account, you will immediately notice our new streamlined design, which was created with you in mind! The left navigation area simplifies your life and all pages are easily at your disposal. Regardless of where you are in the new Publisher Center, you can add more websites to your Infolinks network and receive all important notifications regarding your account and payment details.

Infolinks New Publisher Center

When selecting the “Customize” tab on the top menu, you can see that we have also implemented a much more sophisticated previewer for a realistic peek of how our In-Text ads, Search Widget,Tag Cloud and Related Tag units will actually appear on your own website. Infolinks New Publisher Center
Conveniently customize the look and location of all ad units on your website. Plus, our new Publisher Center alerts you as to which ad products you are already using and which you need to add for optimized monetization of your blogs and websites. Infolinks has also implemented a new payment system; you can read more details here. With 4 easy steps you can select your preferred method of payment from Infolinks. Now you can also submit your required US Tax form electronically, which simplifies the process and guarantees that you will receive your Infolinks payment once you have reached the minimum payment threshold.

Infolinks New Publisher Center
All upgrades to our streamlined Publisher Center are user friendly and easy to understand. But just in case you want further explanation, our detailed tutorial will appear upon first login and walk you through each element of our upgraded back office. So go ahead and login to the new Publisher Center and check it out for yourself! We want to hear from you and know what you think of the new streamlined design and upgraded features. Speak to us on our Fan Page, Twitter and check out our new Pinterest Board, showing off our new design!