Infolinks App for Wibiya


Infolinks made a debut into Wibiya’s App Marketplace this week. Now bloggers who use Wibiya’s web toolbar can easily integrate Infolinks on their blogs and websites to earn more money.

Wibiya is a one-stop-shop for many applications relevant to bloggers. Some generate more page views, while others promote the site’s content.  They even support an app that tracks traffic growth, but the crème de la crème has been added to their MarketPlace.  Now you can monetize the ”golden content” of your blog with Infolinks In-Text ads! It’s a no brainer for Wibiya users.

Wibiya works with all popular Blog channels such as WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla and more. Apps can be easily loaded in just 2 minutes and all apps are totally free! Take advantage of this floating toolbar to upgrade your site and the Infolinks In-Text ads app to upgrade your earnings!

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