Infolinks Website of the Month: LALATE

LALATEIt often seems like websites change their advertising solutions on a weekly basis, but the facts show that most successful publishers look for long term substantial relationships with their ad partners. Such is the case with the LALATE media group, who saw Infolinks as a strategic partner almost a decade ago, and has become one of our most successful and influential partners over the years.

Founded back in 2007, LALATE’s predecessor, TELEVISION INTERNET, made history in the 1990s as the first company to put television programming on the internet. After award nominations, being covered in dozens of television publications, TELEVISION INTERNET launched a spinoff company to promote its new hit show. Years later, in 2007, that spinoff became LALATE NEWS. We sat down with current publisher of LALATE to learn more about the site’s success:


 How did you find your way into the publishing world?

LALATE was founded by the family behind decades of award winning television writing and producing, including All in the Family, the Carol Burnett Show, Maude, Different Strokes and work with Jackie Gleason, Jack Parr, Milton Berle and countless others. Today, roughly seven years later, LALATE major is one of the nation’s most read news sources daily, delivering exclusive and breaking stories 24/7.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

There are so many: One is seeing celebrities reaching out and thanking LALATE for getting the record straight, that’s a great validation. Readers are smart. And when you see celebrities sharing your story with their fans, because you got it right, that’s a great validation.

I also enjoy seeing us expanding our wide sports coverage. In just the last 12 months, LALATE has moved into college basketball and college football. It’s great to expand and engage readers in new compelling subjects. LALATE is now one of the real leaders in sports coverage.

Where do you see your site in 5 years?

We are looking to expand back into television production and have several shows in development internally. We love being unique, engaging, and entertaining. We did shows for many years but took a break. But we are coming back in. The ride is just about to start. We also have plans to redefine where and how you get the news from LALATE and we are looking to change that arena.

LALATETo what do you attribute your site’s success?

In a nutshell: Consistency, quality, uniqueness, and doing it our way.  LALATE has expanded and improved since 2007. But the consistence and quality is still there. You try to be the first on breaking stories and the biggest on exclusive. Most of the time, on the big stories, LALATE gets it first.  And then on the exclusives, LALATE breaks open the discussion to show you something new you’ve never heard.

What tips can you give people thinking of entering the publishing world?

Most importantly, write about subjects that interest you. The more you write about subjects you enjoy, the more you become knowledgeable about the subject. The more knowledgeable you become, the easier it is to write future stories on the subject. And the easier it is to write future stories, the easier it will become to find exclusives on the subject.

What are your “dos and don’ts” for people thinking of starting a website?


  • Do what you want to do. Use your heart to motivate your thoughts.
  • Stay active. It’s hard. The word “vacation” might not be in your dictionary.


  • Don’t let people tell you that genre doesn’t fit with another.
  • Don’t get frustrated. Things happen. But they correct themselves.
  • Don’t forget it’s the internet. Learn and become informed with all technologies.

LALATEWhat is your overall experience with Infolinks?

LALATE was one of Infolinks’ earliest or first clients. The relationship is approaching a decade. Infolinks has always delivered responsiveness, accuracy, virtual 100% up-time. That is what you want from a partner. You have a question? You get a quick answer.

LALATE has a 100% uptime. And if the reader is landing on our story, we want to know that Infolinks is working to monetize that story. And they do. Very well.

How are we different than other networks? Why did you choose Infolinks?

We just chose Infolinks. We’ve been partners all these years. That is what you want in business. You grow, they grow, we grow together. The backbone of Infolinks is unmatched.

Think your story is as interesting as LALATE?

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