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Size Matters: Infolinks & Powerhouse Publishers

infolinks, July 21, 2011

InText Innovator, Infolinks, Tapped To Monetize Sites of Top Publishers!

It’s no accident that many of the web’s biggest online publishers have chosen Infolinks to maximize their big websites revenues with in-text ads. In fact, it can be argued that big online publishers chose to monetize their websites with Infolinks’ innovative in-text service for a number of reasons; Chief among them is that this form of advertising doesn’t intrude on the overall user experience, but instead is relevant to the content consumed by the visitors. Of course, Infolinks’ world-class personal support for everyone in its network of websites doesn’t hurt either.

A good example of a well known publisher who chose to join the Infolinks family of publishers is Squidoo, the brainchild of online marketing guru, Seth Godin. “Infolinks couldn’t be prouder about the addition of Squidoo to our advertising network” said Tomer Treves, Infolinks Vice President, “That such a large and prestigious site has endorsed Infolinks and our cutting-edge approach to website monetization is not only an incredible endorsement of what we do so well, it’s a great motivator to keep adding more sites, both big and small, to our ever-growing network of publishers.”

Celebrating Success With Charity

To celebrate this momentous and lucrative partnership, Infolinks announced a charitable partnership with Squidoo – by donating 5% of their in-text ad revenues to charity. 

What are InText Ads?

InText Ads look just like regular hyperlinks – but there’s a big difference. You’ll notice a double underline on certain keywords within your website’s text. Hover your mouse over one of these links and voila, an in-text ad bubble will appear that relates directly to the keyword in question. If the customer is interested in learning more about the product or service being offered, they simply click on the ad bubble to go to the advertiser’s site.

The De Facto Leader of InText Advertising

Squidoo isn’t the only big website that Infolinks’ innovating advertisements can be found on. Many popular content-based websites are now fully monetized thanks to Infolinks turning their sites’ content into a reliable revenue generator. 

About Infolinks
Founded in 2007, Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of InText Advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide.  Infolinks lets online publishers benefit from premium PPC InText ads while earning the highest revenue share – guaranteed. 

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