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Contextual Ads for Mobile Pubs with Infolinks’ InFold

infolinks, December 16, 2014

Digital advertising platform Infolinks, recently launched a new mobile version of its InFold contextual advertising unit. How is it performing? See for yourself. Utilizing the mobile InFold ad unit, top brands were able to achieve 200 percent ROI and reduce the CPA by 300 percent, according to the company. That may be reason enough to give it a shot.

Similar to its desktop companion, the new mobile InFold ad unit is 100 percent viewable (it’s ‘persistent’) and utilizes unused ad inventory. InFold’s algorithm determines user intent based on search terms, site content and user behavior in real-time in order to serve the sponsored messaging. InFold could provide a decent revenue streams for publishers as it puts to use their unused inventory without disrupting existing display solutions.

“Infolinks is constantly innovating to meet the demands of today’s evolving consumers and there was no question that the benefits of our smart, non-traditional ad units and innovative approach would extend to mobile,” said Infolinks CEO Ziv Eliraz. “Mobile InFold ad units drive record-breaking results for advertisers and enable publishers to monetize their fastest-growing yet most neglected traffic: mobile. Now, with the addition of the new mobile versions, the In3 product suite offers advertisers and publishers a 360-degree, customizable solution to monetize all of their global traffic on any platform, across all channels.”

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