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infolinks, July 21, 2011, author Darren Rowse’s mecca for bloggers of all levels, is the third stop for Infolinks’ animated spokesman’s tour of the worldwide web. Each week Infolinks has unveiled a new customized animated video featuring the InfolinksO as he delves into the content of various top websites. The first video in the series, in which the InfolinksO appears on has already gained 40,250 views on YouTube and counting. You can view that and the other InfolinksO videos here:

This unique marketing tactic is vitally connected to their ever growing online community. “Although the primary goal of the InfolinksO is to land the top sites targeted in the videos, other important goals are accomplished through the viral aspects of this campaign,” shared Head of Marketing Shay Klapper. “Our community is engaged and strengthened while our message is spread to a new audience through this entertaining medium.”

Facebook fans of Infolinks have served as the messengers by sharing the InfolinksO’s videos throughout the Web, petitioning site owners “Let the InfolinksO make magic with your content!” Various social media channels have been flooded with each InfolinksO video as the community effort continues to reach out to top blogs. You can see the InfolinksO videos on Infolinks’ Blog here:

About Infolinks 
Infolinks, established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, is the fastest growing provider ad network of InText advertising services. Since the company’s incorporation, thousands of websites worldwide have integrated Infolinks InText ads. Infolinks utilizes cutting-edge technology to guarantee its publishers receive the highest revenue.

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