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New Campaign Lends Support to Celebs on Twitter

infolinks, July 21, 2011

Celebrities are people too; although headlines and scandal can overshadow their humanness there is a new campaign to shine light on the humanity of Hollywood stars.  In an effort to fight the negative spin often associated with celeb gossip, now readers will have the ability to click through to the Twitter accounts of the stars who they are reading about.  With just a click, fans can show support directly to the celebrity via Twitter, instead of feeding into adverse buzz that often times snowballs into a frenzy of negative press.

Programs such as “The Trevor Project” and “It Gets Better” have inspired this new endeavor which aims to create a more progressive atmosphere online that promotes encouragement and support rather than degradation and bullying.  Even high profile blogger, Perez Hilton, has taken an oath to not publish degrading material to facilitate a more uplifting message in his postings and coverage of celebrity news.  Perez took some heat for being hypocritical after initiating the highly lauded campaign “It Gets Better,” where celebrities reached out via Youtube to LGBT youth after a string of bullying related teen suicides.

Through example, one company is seeking to help make a change as well.  Infolinks, an online advertising network, is dedicating its InText ad platform to set a tone of non-judgment and support.  By highlighting the celebrity’s name as a keyword on relevant websites, the ad technology then produces an ad “bubble” that is linked to the relevant celebrity’s Twitter page. 

The goal is for readers to click on the ad bubble next to celebrity keywords and share encouraging and uplifting thoughts.  Twitter has become the main sounding board in recent years for celebrities to speak out about scandalous reports and even respond directly to their fans.  Infolinks technology just connects these two with their InText ads.

 “Websites that report celebrity news are not being attacked here,” assured Infolinks CMO, Tomer Treves.  “We simply want to do our part and lend a hand to give the public the opportunity to take a negative story or scandal and use it as a platform for support and encouragement.”

About Infolinks 
Infolinks, established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, is the fastest growing provider of In Text advertising services.   Since the company’s incorporation, thousands of websites worldwide have integrated Infolinks InText ads.  Infolinks utilizes cutting-edge technology to guarantee its publishers receive the highest revenue.

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