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Infolinks’ New InFold Ad Unit Delivers 20x Higher Engagement Than Traditional Display With Immediate Global Scale

infolinks, May 8, 2014

Infolinks, a global leader in monetizing digital advertising for publishers, brands and their agencies, today announced the launch of InFold, an ad unit that delivers new, incremental revenue streams for publishers, non-intrusive user experiences, and enables higher engagement rates for advertisers, all without the need to profile users.

“We’ve found from eye tracking studies that non-traditional ad units with innovative, above-the-fold placement are seen faster and more often, and users spend more time engaging with them than standard ad units,” said Dave Zinman, CEO, Infolinks. “This new offering stems from Infolinks’ consistent focus on discovering how modern consumers view online content, and using those insights to develop ad units that break through banner blindness and deliver measurable results for both publishers and advertisers.”

The InFold ad unit is 100 percent viewable, appearing on the page just above the fold, where it is most likely to engage users without cluttering the existing content and layout. InFold tracks intent in real-time without relying on aged data stored by cookies. Instead, InFold analyzes both site content and incoming search queries to identify user intent in real-time and serve attention-grabbing, yet non-intrusive ads targeted to what users are doing in that moment.

The InFold unit only appears when a new user arrives on an Infolinks publisher site, avoiding the repeated bombardment of users that so often accompanies digital advertising. In addition, after 20 seconds, the InFold unit reduces to a polite headline, further minimizing impact on users that have become engaged in the content of the page.

“Internet Brands values both the user experience as well as the advertising revenue that supports those experiences,” said Jennifer Chau, Business Development, Auto Vertical, Internet Brands. “When Infolinks launched InFold across our properties, not only did our revenue through the partnership grow 2.5x and CPMs increased by more than 180 percent, but the unique action of the unit respected and preserved our user experience.”

“Infolinks recognized the needs of all partners in the advertising ecosystem users, publishers and advertisers and came out with an ad unit with exceptional engagement and viewability, without interfering with users and the content they love,” said Anat Shalem, Head of Marketing and Customer Relations for Infolinks. “We address the conflict facing all publishers: how to maximize revenue from their websites without disturbing the user experience.”

InFold joins the suite of ad units available on the Infolinks platform, including: InContext, which identifies user intent by performing real-time contextual analysis and renders ads in a variety of sizes and designs that leverage non-traditional placement to ensure 100 percent viewability and break the cycle of banner blindness, all without the need for persistent user profiling. In combination with the InSearch ad unit, which targets users by their search queries, these units appear on the third-largest publisher marketplace in the world, providing advertisers with highly precise targeting at global scale from day one.

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