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Infolinks Media Partners with IPC Pricing to Reward Advertisers with Real-Time Bonus Impressions Based on Ad Performance

infolinks, July 12, 2021

Infolinks Media has partnered with IPC Pricing (Impressions Per Connection), a patented technology company that awards advertisers real-time bonus impressions based on ad performance. Infolinks has integrated IPC Pricing’s rewards program to create a more valuable experience for qualified advertisers, while ensuring that Infolinks’ publishers enjoy better creative ads and higher renewal rates.

“Infolinks has always found the perfect balance in providing the best performance for our advertisers and publishers alike. By partnering with IPC Pricing, we continue to improve the quality of advertising and experience between advertiser and publisher. Discounts will be awarded to qualified advertisers for consumer preferred ads, and publishers will increase their revenue with higher advertiser renewal rates,” says Robert Regular, CEO of Infolinks Media.

Ari Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of IPC Pricing, commented, “Our technology establishes a direct connection between bonuses and ad performance. We are pleased to be partnered with Infolinks Media to create a more valuable experience for their advertisers and audience by empowering users to increase the exposure of better ads.”

About Infolinks:
Started in 2007, Infolinks Media is a leading digital media company that uses proprietary technology to connect brand advertisers to exclusive, transparent and viewable ad inventory across thousands of top publishers. Infolinks utilizes proprietary contextual intent targeting technology to target and achieve ultimate intent and performance on every impression. We pride ourselves on responsive personal service and support to ensure our customers succeed. For more information, visit

About IPC Pricing:
It is IPC Pricing’s mission to repair how advertising is priced and sold so incentives between advertisers and publishers are more aligned and consumers see better ads. Our intuitive software automates the process of serving the bonus impressions earned by ads users like more. IPC Pricing’s patented technology is built on the latest web standards and leverages the DFP APIs to seamlessly integrate into the ad ops and selling process. For more information, visit

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