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Infolinks Launches First Self-Service InText Advertising Marketplace

infolinks, September 25, 2011

Infolinks, the world’s fastest growing InText advertising network, today announced the launch of the first and only self-service InText Advertising Marketplace. The new service allows advertisers to quickly and easily create an InText Advertising campaign, with various targeting options, in a matter of minutes. Each month, Infolinks delivers InText advertising campaigns across 250 billion pages of content reaching over 350 million unique visitors.

Over the past few years, advertisers have been searching for new ways to expand their advertising investments beyond Google Adwords. InText Advertising – those double-underline links that upon hovering over a word open a small bubble with an advertisement inside – have proven to be a viable and cost-effective alternative.

“Infolinks new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an InText Advertising campaign,” said Tomer Treves, Chief Marketing Officer of Infolinks. “Other services match advertisements to relevant keyword searches, the entire context of the website or the interests of the user. With Infolinks InText Advertising Marketplace, people are actively choosing to open the advertisement in a contextually relevant environment making them much more open to the advertiser’s message. Our service is an advertiser’s dream come true.”

Infolinks self-service InText Advertising Marketplace includes the following features:

  • User Friendly – Create an InText advertising campaign in minutes
  • Keyword Selection -Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
  • Keyword Bidding – Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
  • Advanced Optimization – Customize your reach and maximize ROI
  • Real-Time Reporting – Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift 

Infolinks’ real-time contextual targeting matches advertisements to website content at the very moment the reader is engaged and receptive to the advertiser’s message. Infolinks InText advertisements are revealed only when the consumer hovers over a highlighted keyword in relevant content and opts-in to see the advertisements that interest them.

About Infolinks

Infolinks is the fastest growing in-text advertising network. Since 2007, the company has connected tens of thousands of websites and advertisers worldwide. Infolinks utilizes innovative technology to guarantee its advertisers yield the optimal results and its publishers receive the highest revenue share. The Infolinks Pay Per Click Advertising platform enables advertisers and website owners to benefit from contextual InText advertising directly. For more information visit or

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