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InfoLinks Introduced New Platform

infolinks, October 16, 2012

Infolinks, an online advertising platform, announces launch of a new website, suite of ad products and features.

Infolinks, a company known for being a leader when it comes to digital advertisements for publishers, recently made the announcement about the launch of Infolinks In³, which is a new form of real time advertising products that basically allows publishers to find a number of new opportunities for earning revenue through advertisements while helping advertisers earn as well. While announcing the launch of its new platform, Infolinks also made the announcement of naming Dave Zinman to be the chief executive officer for the company. Zinman was working as the General Manager of Display for Yahoo prior to receiving this position as the CEO for Infolinks.

Even though there have been some reports made about an increase occurring for display advertisements, it is actually believed that the growth rates are going to decline over a period of time. It is for that reason that Infolinks is looking to provide more creative solutions to help address the many challenges that often get in the way when it comes to providing online content and also dealing with a budget at the same time.

There are a number of obstacles that obviously need to be overcome. Zinman says, “Online display advertising is fundamentally broken. Site visitors rarely notice ads, there are too many and most are irrelevant. Engagement metrics are down. Banner blindness is killing the golden goose. This is the reason I’ve joined Infolinks. The In³ platform was developed expressly to deliver high-performing, creative solutions. In fact, Infolinks ads have been shown to deliver 30 times the engagement rate of standard IAB units.”

This new platform is basically designed to address the issues that everyone knows exists within the online advertising world. The platform provides advertising units that are located in areas that may be considered unexpected but are actually quite sensible. It also helps to engage activity between consumers and advertisements in different and unique ways. The platform relies on InFrame, InSearc, and InText to help with the engagement. The ad units will be quite diverse, allowing publishers to have more opportunities for earning revenue while providing high-engagement advertisements.

ChaCha, a free answer website, has become one way for both advertisers and marketers to reach just about any audience they need to whenever they want. Millions of questions have been asked and answered on ChaCha, allowing marketers to have their choice when it comes to where they want their targeted advertisements to be displayed. The CMO for ChaCha, Shawn Schwegman, has said, “Display ads may solve some problems for publishers, but we need to create new revenue opportunities without disrupting the customer experience or devaluing advertiser ROI.”

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