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Infolinks Empowers Women Blog-Stars to Give Back

infolinks, March 13, 2011 celebrates International Women’s Day by supporting various causes close to top female bloggers’ hearts.

As International Women’s Day observes its centennial anniversary, Infolinks is honoring women of the internet by contributing $4,000 to charities supporting women’s issues. The Dream Center in Los Angeles, Dress for Success, Respect Rx and End the Backlog are among the charities receiving $1,000 each.

“It’s not too often that someone hands you $1,000 and tells you to give it to the charity of your choice,” admitted Jenny Lawson co-blogger of Good Mom/ Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle. “Helping rape victims receive justice is important to me so giving my pledge to End the Backlog was an easy decision. “

Rather than selecting the most worthy charitable organization to sponsor, Infolinks chose top female bloggers Jessica Gottlieb, Alaina Sheer, Stephanie Elie and Lawson to designate which women related charities to support. Each gift was bestowed in the name of the top female blogger to honor women of the internet and the issues that are important to them.

“Our team debated for hours to decide which causes we wanted to back this year,” said Tomer Treves, Infolinks CMO. “In the end we thought that bringing attention to women of the internet and letting them decide where to give was the best choice. These women are inspirational to many and I hope this gift encourages others to generously give to women’s causes.”

Infolinks, InText ad provider, is also launching several other promotions for female bloggers this month. You can also visit their Facebook Fan Page to join the discussion about inspirational women of the internet.

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