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Bloggers Get Paid Faster

infolinks, July 21, 2011

Faster Payment is Now Available to Small Websites with In Text Ads

Bloggers are often rejected by online advertisers because they “don’t generate enough traffic to be profitable”. They feel that no one wants to put ads on their websites and complain that they will never reach the high payment threshold offered by leading online ad networks.

Not any more!

Infolinks, the leader of InText pay per click advertising, actually believes in the potential of smaller websites and blogs to grow and generate revenue over time. That’s why Infolinks accepts all websites, large and small, into their InText advertising inner circle. According to company Vice President Tomer Treves, “From our perspective, a smaller site needs revenue in order to grow. That’s why we’re such a strong supporter of the so-called underdogs of the internet. Where other ad networks won’t pay out until you’ve generated $100, Infolinks pays when you hit $50, which is now the lowest payment threshold in the InText industry. This really sets us apart from the competition.”

What’s So Great About InText Ads?

Besides being able to turn your website’s copy into cash from day one – Infolinks InText ads are risk-free and guarantee the highest online revenue share in the InText advertising industry.

What Does An InText Ad Do That’s So Different?

When a bloggers integrate Infolinks InText ads into their websites’ copy, they notice a double underline on certain keywords within the text. Upon a mouse hover, an InText ad bubble appears with an ad that relates directly to the keyword. If the readers want to know more about the advertiser’s products or services, they just click on the ad bubble. That’s all there is to it. Once they roll their cursor off the keyword, the ad disappears.

About Infolinks
Infolinks, Inc. is the fastest growing provider of InText contextual advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide. Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium InText ads, while earning the highest revenue share – guaranteed.

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